Thursday, September 1, 2011

Artists Portraits Book, Limited Edition....

Artists Portraits, Illawarra 2011
Limited First Edition
size- 20 x 25 cm
soft cover- 112 pages
edition size - 200
price - AUD120 includes postage within Australia
$5.oo from each book sold, proceeds 'portraits project collective'
includes biographies, photographs and the portraits,
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Monday, March 7, 2011

newspaper article!

exhibition dates

33 pastel on paper drawings of artists
opens 6pm 11 MARCH
12 - 13 March 9am - 6pm

updates and information on the artists can be found here.....

artists portrait on flier BIG ERLE performing 
Headlands hotel, Austinmer.
 march 10

ARTISTS performing at opening MARCH 11th 6pm- late
dance - Chandra Lamont, Lorna Jarrett
readings - Simon Luckhurst, Susan Angel, Peter Solway,
musicians - Noah Hampson, Wil Massey, Melinda Wishart
Kenny Bartley, Kevin White, Andy Ophee

Thursday, January 27, 2011

some of the portraits of artists with totems included in this exhibition...


A brief history 

I recently returned to Austinmer with my son Banjo after 2 years in Indonesia working as a designer and agent. 

On returning I felt a strong need to connect spiritually with local community and collaborate with artists somehow and my dear friend Paddy had given me access to a wonderful disused shed in the forest in which to make art.

The 'Portraits' idea came about during a musical performance of a local blues artist Big Erle whose lyric and sound sparked for me intense inspiration, ideas, the realization of the power in passion of expression. 

I knew this project would not only give me an opportunity to meet artists living and practicing locally and also plunge myself back into visual art practice but also I hoped to bring artists together, to show support, recognition and celebration for each others art form and expression. I set up a face book event inviting artists to come to the studio for sittings. This has culminated in a collection of 30 portraits, all pastel on paper varying in size.

Totem animals as companions to the artists.

I watch a Sea Eagle above and around our flat which overlooks the ocean. It's presence in strength, wisdom and beauty captures my imagination. It often shows up in dreams also and I researched it's presence and symbol in a variety of cultures. 

'The eagle is a demanding totem but one that offers much reward at the end of the journey, it is a reminder that one can soar to great heights, being prepared to get scorched at times, a willingness to live in the realm of spirit yet remain connected and balanced within the realm of earth, becoming more then you ever dreamed possible.....'

It seemed natural to take the Eagle as my totem during this project. 

I believe totemism can heal, protect, transform,encourage and enhance our lives.

I ask each of the artists who come to my studio for a sitting for their totem animal, favorite colours and what they feel most passionate about in life, imbuing each of the portraits with the artists own wisdom through my interpretation.

I am so thankful to all of the artists whom have shared their lives and art with me and I feel blessed to feel part of Illawarra's art community.

for info on totemism

Monday, January 17, 2011

The Artists photos


a big thank you to all participating artists
Valerie West, Tanya Stubbles, Matilda Moss, Paul Ryan, Rahnee Bliss, Lara Seresin, Dinah Fear, Nina Berry, Micheal Keighery, Anousha Zarkesh, John Skuja, Peter Solway
Simon Luckhurst, Susan Angel, Scott Milander, Lilli Rodrigues- Pang
Andy Ophee, Jen Davies, Darian Turner, Christian Power, Nicole Brophy, Simon Leamon, Kevin White,
Noah Hampson, Mel Wishart, Wil Massey, Kenny Bartley
Lorna Jarrett, Chandra Lamont, Wendy Regan, Cheryle Lilly Moore, Alicia Battestini